Alternate Vape: CBD Cartridge 1ml (250mg)

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Alternate Vape pre-filled cartridges includes the cartridge only. Kit with battery sold separately.

Contains 250mg CBD and is a 1ml cartridge to provide approximately 300-400 puffs depending on usage.

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CBD Vape Cartridge is prefilled and ready to use without the hassle of filling your own cartridge with oil. All you need to do is twist the cartridge onto your compatible battery. Please note: the cartridge is compatible with low-voltage (max 5V) vape batteries. These cartridges can be thrown away and replaced, while your battery can be reused.

If you don’t have a battery the Alternate Vape Kit, comes with the pre-filled cartridge, battery, USB charger, and case.


Citrus, Mint, Kush