Alternate Vape: CBD Cartridge Kit (+ Vape Case, Charger, Battery) 1ml + kit 250mg

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If you have never vaped CBD before, the simple Alternative Vape Kit is all you need to get started. The formula is all-natural and delivers a high potency CBD to enjoy and help you relax.

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Vaping is a relaxing, way to incorporate CBD hemp oil into your daily life.
Most CBD vape oils are made with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. A lot of people are hesitant to vape because of this PG/VG base.

Alternate Vape is made with NO PG or VG! Instead, Alternate Vape formula is a vape oil made with MCT (fractionated coconut) oil base. The vape oil kit includes a 1ml bottle which contain 250mgs of CBD.

Before discovering that MCT could actually evenly distribute CBD, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin were necessary. New research has allowed Alternate Vape to be reformulated to be all-natural, containing only CBD, MCT (coconut) oil, and plant terpenes which are added for flavor.


MCT (coconut) Oil, CBD, Terpenes


Citrus, Mint, Kush