Therabis: Up & Moving (30 Pack)

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Ours pups joints ache as they age or from just plain running around. Up and Moving is packed with CBD, hemp pant, and other soothing ingredients to help keep your dog up and moving with a big grin.

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Just like humans, our pets, are prone to joint and muscle pain. Up and moving comes is a combination of hemp-derived phytonutrients and vitamins. Your pet will benefit from a blend of cannabinoids, bromelain, and quercetin. Use 1 packet per day as needed to promote healthy joints and mobility.


Contains whole-plant hemp phytonutrients, and Bromelain and quercetin for healthy joints.


Small dog – contains 3mg CBD hemp oil per packet
Medium dog – contains 5mg CBD hemp oil per packet
Large dog – contains 7mg CBD hemp oil per packet

Size of Dog

Small, Medium, Large